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GNS3 connection to internet

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I've searched the web far and wide to find several fundamentally different guides to how to connect a GNS3 router to the internet. None has worked as intended. The only thing i want is to be able to ping my laptop and eg. googles DNS ( so i know i've done my configurations right.

I have GNS3VM running in VMware Workstation 16 Pro, locally on my laptop. On my laptop i have Windows 10.

Some of the guides i've followed has included some of these steps:

- Creating a loopback interface in windows and bridging it to the ethernet interface connected to my laptop. This results in an "unexpected error" that i have tried to fix, but with no success. My guess would be that the ethernet interface is in a docking station that my laptop is connected to via a USB-C cable, and it cannot figure that out somehow, but as i wrote; i'm really not an expert.

- Creating a NAT cloud in GNS3. I also created a NAT network (VMnet8) in VMware's Virtual Network Editor, created another network adapter for the GNS3VM and assigned the VMnet8 network to it. On the router in GNS3, i configured the interface connected to the NAT cloud, to get an IP from DHCP. Did not work.

- Granting GNS3 acces through my firewall. Also, in network adapter properties, under sharing, activate "allow other network users to connect to internet through this computers internet connection". I wasn't sure which internet connection i should choose, but i wasn't able to choose my ethernet interface (directly connected to my physical router).

I'm a student and i'm learning as fast as i can, but i really feel like this is way out of "my scope" and that i'm blindly doing stuff, just to make this work. I'd much rather learn how to do it right and why it needs to be done like that.

I know a lot of the users of this community is using GNS3 and knows their way around the program like their own back pocket. I hope someone will take their time to help me.

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