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HDMI over IP


Hello, so I have a few questions. Let me start off by saying what I have setup already. We recently bought some digital signage boxes for the TVs at different locations.  We also bought some Ocean Matrix HDMI over IP extenders to run the HDMI connection from the closets to the TVs at this specific location. I have the box along with the extenders in the "Auditorium" IDF. I have them in the vlan 502, both the Transceiver and the 2 Receivers. The Receiver running to the switch in the "Auditorium" IDF is working great. The Receiver in the MDF is plugged into the MDF 2960 stack. It is also in the vlan 502. It is not working currently. I was wondering if I could get some tips. Would this require Multicast routing being that it is having to go through the Auditorium switch to the MDF 2960XR and then to the MDF 2960?



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i see the words "HDMI over IP extenders"
But I see no reference to TCP/IP configuration individual in the product decriptions i scanned,
from this I conclude it probably is only a HDMI over UTP extender,
If I am mistaking, please let me know

if I'm right it is no tcp/ip  multicast data, but  is sent to a MAC-address
some brands use the same MAC address on all receivers 
when using utp-cable to connect , this is no problem at all,
but a managed switch like the 2960XR  will not accept the same MAC address being connected to multiple ports
If you enabled logging and look at the logs, this will show in the logging as MAC-flapping

you can try to configure "no mac address-table learning vlan 502" and see if that helps
prerequisite is no other devices than the HDMI extenders operate on this vlan
for a second sender/receiver pair you need to reserve another vlan


Here is the link for the setup.

So I managed to setup a small replica of the network using another 2960 and a 9200L and another 2960, and was able to get the transceiver to send to 2 receivers on the same vlan. But when I plugged them back up at the location. The receiver in the MDF closet it still not getting a signal.





The transceiver is 001 and the working receiver is 003 and the not so working one is 002.


thank you for the link to the document
so my concern was not necessary these are real HDMI over IP devices, 
with different ip address and different mac address automatic changed 

your mac address table confirms all device have different MAC addresses
do you also have a device in this vlan from where you can ping to the assigned ip-addresses ?
(and check the ARP table)

last suggestion at this time is that the HDMI extender's LAN  may work correctly,
but the video resolution received by 002 is not compatible with the display connected
you can exchange 002 and 003 to see if the problem moves to the other display

So sorry for the hassle, I used the small replica and copied over the config and started deleting lines until I found that Ip igmp address querier was enabled on the layer 3, soon as I got rid of it, everything was working fine.

no problem, good for you  you found the cause yourself!
good luck with the project.


Hello Jacksonwoods,

The HDMI over IP extenders to work across VLANs, you'll likely need to configure multicast routing, as multicast traffic may need to traverse different network segments. Ensure proper multicast setup and routing between VLANs for the HDMI over IP extenders to function correctly across locations.

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