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High CPU utilization and memory utilization issue


1.Reason that we see High CPU utilization issue for router and switches.

commands --SH process cpu ? like that right?

2.Reason that we see High memory utilization issue for router and switches.

here when we see High memory Utilization issue then is it related to Flash or any other memory? Please explain.

command --show platform resources ? right?



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Leo Laohoo
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What platform(s)?

Joseph W. Doherty
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For both high CPU and/or high memory utilization, for both routers and/or switches, sometimes cause is completely normal, for example, as a software based router uses its CPU to forward traffic, CPU utilization will increase/decrease with traffic volume, sometimes cause is due to "unusual" traffic or "unusual" network issues, and sometimes you've bumped into some form of "software defect" (a bug).

@marce1000 has provided links to help investigate cause of high CPU and/or high memory usage.

@Leo Laohoo's question about the platform is likely due to his knowledge of many common bugs that cause such issues.


Memory means flash or which one when we have full memory issue?

RAM not flash.

What is difference between DRAM and NVRAM

DRAM is volatile, NVRAM is not.  I.e. DRAM loses contents with loss of power.

DRAM generally has much, much (much) faster read/write access than NVRAM.

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