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Hello Team, I am trying to figure out why my active HSRP router is not seeing the standby router (standby router is unknow).**D11(config)#do sh standby briP indicates configured to preempt.|Interface Grp Pri P State Active Standby Virtual IPVl10 0 15...

hnavi77 by Level 1
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Dear ALL,   I 'm the newbie in Nexus switch, i have 2 x C93180YC-FX for core switch, i had completed the VPC setting, now the switch are still running on independ mode, how to set it up to be one logical switch? It is because i have to run the BGP.  ...

Hi I have Problem with isis neighbouri have 4 Switches 3750 all neghibour have a adjacent successfulonly 2 switchs cant form neighbour with each other but they form a neighbour with other switchesand the connection between all switches is direct TenG...

when i configure floating static route for primary path and backup path from site 1 to site 2. If the neighbor router exit interface is being shutdown,the traffic didnt choose the backup path.The date is being stuck in the primary link

Hi all, I have problems with PIM SM mode when I'm doing my multicast labs.There is my topology:Every router can ping each other and run OSPF protocol in area 0.I set the vIOS3 as RP(, vIOS2 and 4 join igmp group(, vIOS5 as multicast...

PaulYou by Level 1
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Hi,I have two sites in my topology.R1 is site 1 and R3 is site 2.There are two path from site 1 to Site 2 for primary link and backup link.The primary link is through  R1-R2-R3 and the backup link is through R1-R4-R5.I configured static route in all ...

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