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Damir Reic

How to bridge network over Internet?



I have a local network with multiple VLANs and I would like to have a DR site where I could use those same VLANs. I will have only Internet connectivity to DR site so my question is how do i make existing VLANs available on DR side? GRE, IPsec in transport?

Joseph W. Doherty
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Perhaps L2TPv3.

Hmm for OTV we don't have equipment unfortunately.


So we have Nexus 5548 with IPbase, PaloAlto L7 as edge firewall, C3850 as BGP router, another internal C3850 where front end vlans terminate and ASA5525-x as back end firewall where back end VLANs terminate. 


The idea would be to have all VLANs on DR site so i assume in every VLAN i need to have a bridge interface. L2TPv3 is i think not supported from the equipment we have so i not sure what would be the best way to bridge all this to the the other side (opensource sw is also a possible solution).

This is how network looks like currently

You're going to have to buy some hardware to support whatever solution you decide on.  None of your current hardware have the capabilities to extend layer 2.

Ok, that's a valid answer :).  What should we look at?


OpenVPN can be used to bridge the network but then i would need interface in every VLAN I want to bridge correct? With that i would have 1 broadcast domain per VLAN and shouldn't experience any issues related to that?



I don't have any experience with OpenVPN so I can't speak to how it works or proper design. If you want to do OTV then I would look at the the ASR1001-X.

Collin Clark