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ICND1 review question

I can't ping from R3 to any of the switches. I've enabled OSPF on R1, R2 and R3. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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With so little information it

With so little information it's impossible to say.

Are the switches acting as L2 or L3 ?

If they are L3 then they also need to be included in OSPF.

Basically if you can't ping something check the routing tables on all the L3 devices to make sure there is a route to the destination and also a route back to the source.

Other than that nothing much else I can say based on what you have posted.



Thanks for the tip (it's not

Thanks for the tip (it's not letting me post the Packet Tracer file). They're L3 switches.

Cisco Employee

Hi Tom,You cannot attach the

Hi Tom,

You cannot attach the .pkt file directly you need to zip it and attach the same.

Now for your question I agree with Jon that its not very clear and when the question is not clear the answer would be on a fly.


Few things to be check:-

1- Whats the ip address configured on R3?

2- Whats the ip address R3 is not able to reach?

3- is R3 able to reac R2 and PC-PTC?

4- Is yuour R2 able to reach the S3Switch?

5- Have you configured OSPF on all the devices shown in the network?

6- ARe the Switches acting as Layer 2 or Layer 3? If Layer 2 are the interfaces connecting to the devies are trunk link and all vlans are allowed if configured? If its Layer 3 then have you included the network in Routing protocol?

7- DOes R2 able to reach the Switches network? 

8- Does your sSwitches communicating with each other?

9- Start your troubleshooting from source and go hop by hop troubleshootin further.




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