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idle ADSL2 Connection just stops working


I have an 1841 with an ADSL HWIC on a BE ADSL2+ connection which was previously working OK with the supplied modem/router so I am sure the line is OK.

Although I can sync and get online OK the connection just stops working after a while of not sending any data. The only way I can get online again is to shut/no shut the atm interface. If I keep sending data over the connection it seems to work OK.

I have tried all different ADSL firmwares with no luck, altough people mention these as a solution to not syncing properly in the first place which is definately not the problem in my case.

I have tried lots of different settings around oam and ilmi but it keeps happening - is there some somehting I need to do to keep the connection alive with a PVC? I am not very familiar with ATM. Also when the connection has stopped working I can see that the PVC is still up.

I have looked all over the internet and this forum but I cannot find a solution - any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached my config.

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

1. You may try locating one ATM interface in down/down state. Ensure that it is not administratively down (that is, that the interface or subinterface has not been shut down).

2. Check that the framing and scrambling are correctly configured.

The framing can be checked via sh atm int atm and must be agreed upon with the provider. It can be configured via atm framing xxx in interface configuration mode.

The following URL may help you:

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