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Information on 3945 speed troubleshooting SECK9 vs HSECK9


In short CPU load isn't very high nor is memory usage.  Netflow metrics don't indicate anything unusual but we every once in awhile we run into a weird issue where it seems like we are running into a bandwidth limitation on the system where we shouldn't be.  


We are terminating alot of IPSec DMVPN connections into the router so this does have my attention.  Sorry if this is a dumb question but how can you tell if you are running into a license limitation so to speak?  Thanks.  

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Georg Pauwen
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what is your question/problem ? Which license do you have installed ? Read the link below...

Sec and data licenses are currently installed.  I am familiar with the difference between the two licenses. 


As for the question, I thought I described it adequately earlier but I’ll explain again. In summary the router has close to a dozen DMVPN tunnels that terminate into it.  There are times where it seems that we have a bandwidth limitation.  All of the data I have seen in Netflow doesn’t point to a circuit issue and the router is well within its normal operating parameters as far as memory and cpu usage goes.  


Is there a log or some parameter to view in the router to see if we have been hitting that limit?  Im inclined to think we are due to the randomness, but how can I be certain?  That is the question. 

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