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md farook

Internet Access Problem

Dear All,

  In my Network one Distribution Switch,Firewall,Routers are connected.Through DS all Access Switches are connected.Firewall inside interface connected to DS and Outside is Connected to Router.  the thing is everyone able to access internet with a good speed at the same time Static and Dynamic IP's are translating private to Public and vice-versa. In between this environment dynamic NATted IP Users unable to acces internet suddenly and there is no issue with Statically NATted IPs. Once i fire the Command shut and no shut command on WAN interface of the Router again Dynamic User able to access internet. Inbetween this interval What were happed no one knows even ther is CRC and Input errors are genarating on firewall as well as on Router. And there is no logs found between that time.

   Anyone help me on this because it is happening since last few months and it is being headache for us.


HI Farook,

I experienced the same situation in my network.

I guess it is issue with NAT overload.

Try to find which source is doing more translates and on which ports, if they are using ports like FTP like that ones will consume more process.

Do you have any open nats?

Apart from that, mu suggestion is to keep daily check list like...

clear nat statements at every day or once a while if there are more nat statements.

clear arp, cache, mac-a and counters

Try to observe cpu & memory usage.



Hi Naidu,

  There is no FTP applications are being in use in my network and i need to know one more thing. Can tell me how many Public IPs are usable in natting from below given line

     x.x.x.x x.x.x.x mask ---First and Last ips are same

     x.x.x.x x.x.x.x mask -- first ip(like 192) and the last ip(like 195) are different