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Good Night,My name is David Salazar, Network Tecniccian, my native lenguage is spanish and I only read technical english.Sorry for my very poor grammatical english.Ok, I am study for the CCIE R&S written exam and actually I was stay reading Classfull...

I currently have two T3 multilinked on 7206vxr and need to move this multilink over to a new chasis (Cisco 7613, IOS 12.2(33) SRC4).When I try to create the multilink on the 7613 it does not work. I'ev created multilinks before and have never had any...

I consult for a company that has anMPLS circuit between their Headquarters and their Disaster Recovery Site.  The MPLS circuit has 3 meg of bandwidth via two bundled T1 circuits.We have a CoS Policy on the routers on each side which effectively gover...

OK so first off I have not been to any cisco type of training school.  I'm sure the obvious answer is, "Well then go to one instead of asking all of us here then! =PI have 2 cisco 2801's with CSU/DSU module in it.I can interface the unit fine from th...

edkinj888 by Beginner
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Hello,We have a Cisco 3845 router with OSPF running on GRE interface Tunnels (nb : 88).There are also GRE/IPSEC interface tunnels (nb 88) with no routing protocol running on them. The pysical support is VSAT.We encountered 3 times high CPU utilisatio...

sboukef by Beginner
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Greetings, ive currently got the following simple setup as per the image "Current.png". The ASA is configured with a single Global Pool and using PAT all outgoing traffic is translated to the interface IP address What i would like to achieve...

Hi Folks,I got a 1760 router with 2 adsl wics, but what happens is that both cards are always- down - down -, even if I execute the -no shutdown- command in the interface mode.Here you got some commands.***********************************************...

Hi ,Here Laxman I have problem in mail access is very slowother application is working fineits is serial link FR connectivityhere default route point to ISPping response is normal 40 msconfig'n is belowinterface Serial0 description *** BHARATI_RF ***...

We are getting this log from router. .Dec  9 14:48:34.685: %IP_VFR-4-FRAG_TABLE_OVERFLOW: GigabitEthernet0/0: the fragmenttable has reached its maximum threshold 32.Dec 11 02:22:02.831: %IP_VFR-4-FRAG_TABLE_OVERFLOW: GigabitEthernet0/1: the fragmentt...

Hello,I'm trying to build something in the lab where I want to use only one eigrp AS for two different locations where each others routes are learned over bgp (see picture)I do a redistribute from and to eigrp and bgp, but not all the routes learned ...

orsonjoon by Beginner
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HI, Is it possible to limit traffic in a IPSec Point tto Point tunnel, I have 4Mbps link and I want to limit 2Mbps to VPN tunnel and other 2Mbps for general Internet traffic, can it be done pls give me some examples.

asoka by Beginner
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HI All ,We are  facing  the below error message in two num of  HSRP configured switches ( 7606 - c7600s7203 adventerprise k9 -mz- 122-33 SRB4.bin )Error message :-Dec 11 02:45:06: %HSRP-4-DIFFVIP1: Vlan304 Grp 100 active routers virtual IP address 10...

k_sinjish by Beginner
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I am about to design/implement a customer network that has about 200 router neighbors on a flat vlan (all Cisco). Apart from trying to ascertain if OSPF is a better choice over EIGRP, I can't find any sizing documents on CCO about router spec/cpu/mem...

billybjo1 by Participant
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