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IP SLA or some other configuration


I have a layer 3 switch that has two circuits 1 Gig and 1 10 Gig to the same location.  I want to use them as Primary and backup.  We have tried to do this with just a EIGRP routing option but doesn't seem to be taking over correctly.   Could I possible do something with ip SLA which says


Interface G01

ip address


interface Tg01

ip address


then do a track of the other side of the Ten gig, if it goes away it woud route to the


I could do a route-map with a next-hop but what would be the best solution?



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Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



an IP SLA is definitely an option.


track 1 ip sla 1 reachability


ip sla 1

icmp-echo source-ip

frequency 5


ip sla schedule 1 start-time now life forever


ip route track 1

ip route 200

I am assuming I need to put this on both routers on either side...




does the other side consist of one or two routers ? If it is one router, you can indeed mirror the suggested config.

Giuseppe Larosa
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Hello TRACY,

to make it work with EIGRP it is just enough to increase delay on the giga interface. Because EIGRP metric is cumulative on delay.


interface giga01

delay 10000


doing it on both sides should make the tengiga link preferred.


Hope to help




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