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Resolved! ip tcp adjust-mss on Catalyst 9500

Dear All, I'm migrating an old c4948 to c9500-40x, but it appears the "ip tcp adjust-mss" option for a GRE tunnel is gone: c9500-40x(config)#inter tun50 c9500-40x(config-if)#ip tcp adjust-mss 1360 ...

j.a.m.e.s by Participant
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Resolved! OSPF LSA-9 Confusion

Hi Experts, OSPF LSA-9 is defined for Opaque LSA for Link-local flooding scope, at the same time I could see LSA-9 is also defined for carrying Intra-Area prefix in OSPFv3 domain. Its bit confusing that how come a single LSA is defined for two differ...


Hi , i have  a question. suppose i have a specific external ip who wants to access a internal server on a particular port .can we do a static routing on firewall which is asa ? what i did is simply create a access list for a particular ip on asa and ...

Resolved! AnyConnect change Gateway

Good Afternoon! Can somebody please help me change the gateway for AnyConnect, I have setup AnyConnect on a ASA5506-X I am able to connect to the FirewallMy Firewall Assigns to me the IP Address of: IP Address: Mask: 255.255.255...

Resolved! Route-based L2L IPSEC Tunnel ASA to ASA

Hello all, We have a site2site vpn tunnel between 2 asa's policy-based that is working and we want to migrate to route-based vpn.We are trying first to get this tunnel up so we can make static routes to the LAN behind. But somehow the tunnel is still...

Significant interface input overrun errors .input error/ Interface input queue is full or almost full

hi i am facing below issue on my wan tinterface and due to iput queue is fully utiliezed i facing hight cpu utilization in ip iput cpu,attaching output for below commands Show techShow loggingshow interfaces switching show ip interface show int stats...

lildon by Beginner
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BGP peer-policy Template

We are switching to template configuration but have run into an issue.Sample template on IOS XE 03.16.09:router bgp 1 template peer-policy ROUTE-REFLECTOR remote-as 1 allowas-in 2 send-community both After setting up each neighbor (about 80 neighbors...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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SSH availability test

Hello Team, please help me  to create a python script which create ssh login in network devices using inbuilt module of python. There are restriction we can not install modules like netmiko, paramiko, pexcept, pssh etc. tried hard with subprocess but...

Wireless Network Setup!

Hello All,Actually i have two internet connection for my office clients. 1- For all/common and working purpose with 12 Mbps connection.2- Dedicated for Meetings only (15 Mbps Volume based).Actually my Dedicated meeting link is in use because is just ...

yurs by Beginner
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LTE connection dropping

Hi All, I'm having really frustrating issues with a C881-4G router and its data connection. I have the same router setup and working so I know my config is right but for some reason this router will not stay connected. I keep getting the following er...