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IPv6 dual stack deployment


We are asked to deploy IPv6 in dual stack in our network in order to enhance our IPv6 rank  .

As we are new with this technology can you guide us?


  • Shall we Address all our internal network with public IPv6 addresses  in order to enhance our rank ? is there any security issue in doing so? Is NAT still used ?
  • When a dual stack client will connect to internet will it use IPv4 or v6 or both ?
  • For IPv6 addresses assignment, shall we use a dhcp server like for IPv4 or let the router/L3 switch assign the IP?

 Any best practices for dual stack IPv6?

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Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master
What's do you mean by enhancing your rank?

With IPv6, you wouldn't need NAT if you're using correctly allocated public IPv6 IPs. However, you'll likely still want a FW and perhaps other security tools, like proxies.

Modern clients will often try an IPv6 connection before IPv4.

If all you need is an IPv6 address, then allowing the client to obtain from the router is likely sufficient. If you need additional DHCP options, then you'll likely also want an IPv6 DHCP server.

by "enhancing our rank" i mean the use of IPv6 from my country:

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