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ISR4431 CP Memory Issue

taufeeq taufeeq


 ISR4431 is showing 84% of CP DRAM utilization in our NMS.

From CLI i see the same ie used memory is 84%.

But the committed memory is just 39%.

My question is what is committed memory?

Do I need to upgrade DRAM?

Or need to tshoot?

Kindly advice.

so far I have read this document but it no where says that we should actually look at committed memory.

#show platform software status control-processor brief
Load Average
 Slot  Status  1-Min  5-Min 15-Min
  RP0 Healthy   0.78   0.95   0.79

Memory (kB)
 Slot  Status    Total     Used (Pct)     Free (Pct) Committed (Pct)
  RP0 Healthy  3972052  3338632 (84%)   633420 (16%)   1554940 (39%)

Thanks in Advance.

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Palani Mohan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Salaam Aalaikum

Dear Taufeeq

You are 100% correct that you should only be concerned with committed and not used. The way "used" is being computed is not exactly clean. In newer releases, the behavior is supposed to have changed. Take a look at CSCuc40262 for more info.

As far as memory monitoring for IOS-XE goes, the traditional IOS cmds (sh mem stat and show proc mem sorted and such) are fine for tracking memory usage of IOSd. For overall memory usage, the cmd to use would be show platform software status control-processor brief. For SNMP world, ciscoMemoryPoolMib will have info equivalent to "show proc mem sorted) whereas the MIB/object equivalent of show platform software status control-processor brief is cpmCPUMemoryUsed.

Here is an example. IOS-XE node typically have a RP, ESP and a SIP.

Memory used by these individual components are shown below:
cpmCPUMemoryUsed.3    1855212    
cpmCPUMemoryUsed.4    854360    
cpmCPUMemoryUsed.5    445112    

As to how these are mapped to the entityMib is learnt here
cpmCPUTotalPhysicalIndex.3    7026
cpmCPUTotalPhysicalIndex.4    9026
cpmCPUTotalPhysicalIndex.5    1026

Here, we see the mapping along with the polled values
entPhysicalDescr.7026    CPU 0 of module R0        .3 in processMIB    1855212
entPhysicalName.7026    cpu R0/0

ASR1000-ESP10                        .4 in processMIB    854360
entPhysicalDescr.9026    CPU 0 of module F0
entPhysicalName.9026    cpu F0/0

ASR1000-SIP10                        .5 in processMIB    445112
entPhysicalDescr.1026    CPU 0 of module 0
entPhysicalName.1026    cpu 0/0

Here, you will see what the CLI equivalent is telling you:
Slot  Status    Total     Used (Pct)     Free (Pct) Committed (Pct)
   RP0 Healthy  2009868  1855336 (92%)   154532 ( 8%)   1604788 (80%)
  ESP0 Healthy  2009892   854360 (43%)  1155532 (57%)    521208 (26%)
  SIP0 Healthy   449768   445112 (99%)     4656 ( 1%)    308204 (69%)

As you can see, things are little different with IOS-XE and so, I hope the above is useful to you.

Kind regards ... Palani

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Palani Mohan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee