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Issues pinging subinterface gateway setup on FTD


HI - I was hoping to get some guidance on what my issues may be. I apologize ahead of time if i do not give enough info but i am new to the world of Cisco. I know enough to get by so i will do my best.

I am trying to setup VLANS in our environment and i have everything appearing to work layer 2 and below. Simply because i can ping the Vlan IP on the switch and any other device i place on the same VLAN. When i try to ping the sub-interface i created on the FTD i do not get a response even though ICMP is allowed in Platform Settings.

When i plug a laptop up with an IP in that range directly to the port with the sub interface on it i still cannot ping the gateway that was setup for the subinterface/vlan.

Any ideas?

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paul driver
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Once you create sub interfaces then you would probably require to associate a dot1q tag (vlan) to it.
int x/x
ip address <  default will be native vlan 1
int x/x.2
encapsulation dot1q 2
ip address <  tagged vlan id 2

So from the example above the switch connecting to the FTD its switchport needs to be in vlan 2, if the FTD has ip address on the physical & the sub-interface than the same switchport needs to be a trunk port.


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