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Licence for NBAR 2

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Level 1

Dear Team,

I was wondering if you could help me understand if there is an especific license in order to enable NBAR2 in my ISRG2 892 with IOS 15.2(3)T. If not, what is the basic license I neet to have for NBAR2 ??

I appreciate any information.


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Hi there,

Find here what you need for using nbar 2 on your ISR

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Jeremy Bresley
Level 4
Level 4

Not sure on the 89X series, but on the 1900/2900/3900 routers for NBAR2 support from 15.2(4)M2 or 15.3M forward, you need to have the DATA feature license in order to enable the advanced protocol pack.  15.2(4)M1 and back to 15.2(2)T there's no license required to enable it.

Of course Cisco doesn't have this published in ANY documentation that is reachable.  The link from the 15.3M release notes for "Protocol Pack Licensing" has been 404 for a week and a half.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the support, depending on the IOS software, you need the DATA license in order to enable NBAR 2.

Best Regards,

Manuel Gómez

Copied from Following URL -

Q. What features require a software license and activation on the Cisco 890 Series?

A. The default and only feature set for the Cisco 890 Series is Advanced IP Services. The appropriate license file is installed on the platform by Cisco manufacturing to support the default feature set. In addition, feature licenses exist for memory, Cisco Wide Area Application Services Express (WAASx), and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Use the following URL - Cisco Feature Navigator

Check by feature (type NBAR2)

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the information provided, the Cisco Feature Navigator really help me with this doubt, now it is all clear.

Best Regards,

Manuel Gómez

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