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Limited Bandwidth over DMVPN Tunnel


I am trying to setup a DMVPN with a single hub and two spokes.  I have them up and running, and the ISP link is 400\200 on both ends.  However, when I check the speeds over the tunnel I am getting 10\8.

We have an ASR 1001 as the hub, and we started with an 881 on the spoke.  We swapped that out for a 2901 and saw only a 1 or 2 Mbps increase in speed.  So then we purchased an ISR 4331, but this did not increase the speeds at all.

What do we need to do in order to get at least 100 Mbps down over the DMVPN?


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We are also experiencing the same issues with our DMVPN... at the moment I have a test router as a spoke connected to our hub. The Bandwidth loss from 100M to 30M.

Looking over DMVPN configs from a previous life, I noticed that our hubs were set to MTU 1400, while all the spokes were MTU 1430. Everything else looks about the same except for we let the SA cycle every 24 hours instead of every 15 minutes. With just a couple of tunnels, the later should be OK. Not sure if that helps, but I do recall much gnashing of teeth to find that sweet spot.

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