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Limiting Internet Speed For One Interface



Basically we have a 10MB Fiber connection into our building. this goes into a cisco router which has 3 interfaces. The people we lease area's of the building from want to us to connect their equipment to our cisco thus giving them access to our fiber internet connection as their internet is very poor hence the reason why we now have had fiber installed.

They have a multi layer switch handling all of the routing which gets fed into a firewall/gateway which gets fed into a adsl router which gives them internet, we want to remove the adsl router and put a cable from the firewall/gateway into our router.

all of the above so far is not a problem, the problem is we want to limit the interface which we will plug their network into to only use 2MB down 1MB up of our 10MB fiber internet connection.

I have been looking at the best possible ways to do this and i am a little unsure.

Do i need to use the rate-limit command?

Or is there a better way to do it.


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Marwan ALshawi


You can do this by using policing on that interface

For download apply the bellow policy example in the outbound direction to the interface going to their network

Policy-map map1

Class class-default

Police cir 2000000

Use another policy with different name and cir value of 1000000 and apply it in the inbound direction on the same interface


If helpful rate

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Hi samuel,

There are couple of ways to solve this, the better way to apply QOS for their LAN segment and apply to the exit interface

do shaping average to 2 MB in QOS policy map,


you can limit receiving unicast pkt upto 2 MB on that particular interface.

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If your platform supports it, recommend shaping outbound rather than rate-limiting/policing.

Inbound, you can only rate-limit/police.  Also keep in mind although you can certainly control the amount of bandwidth someone can obtain that's not the same as controlling the amount of bandwidth they might consume on your ingress link.  For example, although you rate-limit/police their traffic to 2 Mbps (down), in theory, they could completely fill your 10 Mbps (although not nearly as likely if you don't rate-limit/police).

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