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Load balancing multihomed BGP internet connections

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Hello all,

I have DS3's to two different providers.  Each is hosted on its own 7206.  The 7206's are connected to each other and both connections to the internet route traffic in and out just fine.  Failover between the two is working as well.  The issue I have is that one DS3 is used more than the other because it has the best route to most of our remote offices.  I wanted to see if theres a way to make one of my routers posess a more attractive route to a given subnet.  Of course, in the event of a router or provider failure, I would want the other router to start routing the traffic for that office.

Thanks in advance

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manish arora
Level 6
Level 6

Hi cchughes,

You can use route maps to modify the attributes from the ISP and set up various attributes to route traffic according to your needs. here's a good link with examples on using Route Maps to modify the attributes as per your needs.


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