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Main office connect to Branch on outdoor Wireless

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Hello Experts

I have been told to connect our branch offices over outdoor point-to-point wireless CPE. The wireless brand is Orthogon. The Main office got cisco 4507 L3 switch where all building switches terminate. DHCP,DNS and all application are hosted in main office.  The branch office got ONE 24 port POE Switch cisco 2960 where all users will be connected, On Port 0/24 of 2960 switch at branch will terminate the outdoor Wireless and other end will be terminated on 4/15 of 4507 at main office

Can you help what command I need at both interface where Wireless is terminated.

when we connect floor switches to 4507 we got these commands on access switches

vtp mode client

vtp version 2

vtp password cisco1

vtp domain LIC

Fiber termination port configuration - switchport mode trunk

Appreciate some quick help

Thanks to all in advance


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Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame
Can you help what command I need at both interface where Wireless is terminated.

I'm not familiar with the point-to-point wireless you are using.  But, in my opinion, whether or not you are running one or more VLAN configure the ports conntected to the WAP as dot1q trunking.  To make it smoother, configure the allowed VLANs.

I also hope that the WAPs you are using will also support 802.1q trunking.


if I understand you correctly then you mean to configure

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

on the interface of swtich connected to outdoor Wireless unit

Thanks to all in advance


That's correct.

If you are running multiple VLANs make sure your WAP supports this feature too.

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