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muli-coonection injector and poE


Hi every body!

We use power injector when there is no poE port avaiable on the switch. Power injector sits between switch and PoE device.

I want to know about multi-connection injector that provides POe ports connected to poE devices on side and connected to switch port via a port on the other side.

Does this multi-port power injector works as switch or hub for poE devices?

thanks a lot!

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Hello Sarah,

I was referring to non Cisco devices I have seen in a Cisco meeting

There can be a device with some switching capabilities as is the case of your book

Best Regards


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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hall of Fame Master

Hello Sarah,

this kind od devices is not meant to provide hub or switch functions:

they have ports on front end and back end but port i on the left is connected to port i on the right with the capability to insert power on the wires on the right

switch ---> midspan injector ---> POE device

the switch port is the same and the CDP neighbor for the POE device is the switch port (CDP is still useful to inform about the voice vlan id to be used to tag frames).

so each pair port i on the left, port i on the right is stand alone no switching services are provided.

Hope to help


Hope to help


Thanks for your reply Giuseppe!

my book shows the following toplogy

sw's port is connected to mid-point PSE(injector) which has two ports connected to two poE devices.

The only way we can connect two devices(host) to single switch port is by : using hub or another switch.

midspan is powering the poe devices but it