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Multi-topology routing (MTR) commands not available


Good afternoon!

I manage a network wich has different kind of services. The packets of each service are marked by DSCP value. I need to separate the routes of each class of traffic. This network is running under OSPF routing protocol. I thought to assign different OSPF cost to each kind of traffic by using MTR commands, but it seems that in IOS  16.6.x these commands are not available.

I mean this command for example:


policy-map type class-routing ipv4 unicast TOPOLOGY_POLICY


In this example the option "class-routing" is not available, so I cannot define the policy and apply it to an interface.

Is there any other way to get what i want? What is the reason because this commands are not avaliable? For me it is imperative to separate the traffic by servicies but without using static routes.

I'm using Cisco 4351 routers and IOS 16.6.5 installed on them. See the schemes with an example of what i want to do attached and the document that I found about MTR.



Thank you very much in advance.


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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hello Gus69,

if your network is small you can try to use PBR policy based routing at each router hop as an alternative way to achieve different paths for different type of traffic.


About OSPF multitopology routing see the following link that describes how to configure it in IOS 15S.


I have found a reference to the command that is not supported on your device here.




Hope to help



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