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Need Help Configuring Hybrid Routing in Packet Tracer


Hello Community,

I'm currently facing some difficulties in configuring routing within a network topology using Cisco Packet Tracer. I have attempted to use OSPF , but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working as expected. My professor has mentioned that I should try a hybrid routing approach, possibly involving OSPF and BGP . However, I have limited experience with this configuration method and would greatly appreciate some guidance.

Before diving into the specifics, here's a brief overview of the topology:


The problem arises when I attempt to access "" from the Admin PC. Additionally, I am unable to access "" from the NET Admin PC and the DMZ Web Server. These issues seem to be related to routing, and I suspect that a combination of OSPF and BGP might be necessary to resolve them. It's worth mentioning that I have implemented some security measures, such as ACLs , within the network.

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Flavio Miranda
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 I took a look on your project and here is the first problem I have found. 

 The Admin PC has the DNS, however, if you go to DNS > Service It is blank. There is no entry there. You should have an entry like 

Name Type A record and adresss. The address should be some HTTP server on you network. 

The same situation I have found for Net Admin. 

The routing I think is ok as I could ping the DNS server from the PC. 

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