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Need help in Network design

Level 1
Level 1

i need design example for wan routers tp handel the following neends

1- i have one Hub and 15 spooks

2- the hub having three MPLS providers A B C

3- every spook have 2 providers ( site 1 have A & B , site 2 have B & C , Site 3 have A & C so on ) we plan its working load-balance

4- i have Cisco routers 2901 for all sites

5- we are planning to use GRE tunnel with satic route

is any one can help me in these design ????


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Marwan ALshawi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Well if you planing to use gre tunneling then in your case the best solution is to go with multipoint gre tunnels know as mgre using DMVPN technology and by using a routing protocol on top of DMVPN tunnels you can have redundancy or loadbalancing as desired by using routing config and policies

Hope this help

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thank you for your reply , i will .

Level 6
Level 6

Put them in a connection first,..... and analyze if there is a problem... then troubleshoot....


Posted by WebUser Dudez Fns

Level 1
Level 1

how many routers i need on HQ to support this configurations ( we have more than 20 links MPLS from three different providers )

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