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Need help with project



I need help with my final project for my Switching, Routing, and Wireless class. My hosts are not receiving the correct IPv4 address, and they haven't received an IPv6 address at all. I'm doing the project on packet tracer before I move onto the live version.


I've attached the pkt below.

Georg Pauwen
VIP Master



you need to ZIP the project (.pkt) file first, then you can attach it here...

Okay, thanks.


i've attached the pkt in my original post.



what instructions are you following, what is the purpose of this lab ?


I opened your file, but not a single part of the configuration is correct. 

I've attached a docx of the instructions I'm following.



attached the revised file with end-to-end connectivity for IPv4...

i see. thanks.


would you mind uploading a docx of all the commands u used?



I basically only corrected the errors that kept IPv4 communication from occurring (wrong IP addresses, wrong static routes). The hosts now get an IPv4 address.


I did not configure any of the security related stuff...

Oh, I see. I'm having a hard time with static routes. Can you show me how you configured it? I'm looking to learn. And I'll have to look at my commands to see where I messed up with the IPs. I wasn't looking for someone to do the activity for me. I was looking for educational help. The security I'll attempt on my own along with basic settings.


Was it just a wrong IP here and there?



the IP addresses of the interfaces connecting both routers (GigabitEthernet0/0/0) need to be on the same subnet.


The static routes on each router need to point to the respective IP address of the connecting interface of the neighboring router. That is pretty much it.

I noticed that you changed the IP helper address for R2 to Is the 8 a typo?



that is a typo indeed, it needs to be 192.


IPv4 DHCP request is failing completely for me.

I've attached the packet tracer file here.


I also attached a docx of the commands I'm using.

In the docx, for this particular packet tracer file, I have only made it to Configure and verify a Stateful DHCPv6 Server on R1 and R2.

I haven't entered the commands that say "might delete", because I don't know if I need them or not, but so far DHCPv6 request is successful on both PCs, but DHCPv4 request fails on the far left PC.



the link between the two routers needs to have IP addresses from the same subnet. You need to change one of the interface's IP address, because right now, there is no connectivity between the routers.


This is what I got now. I changed the g0/0/0 interfaces to matching IPs and subnets. Now I can't get DHCPv6 to work for the PC to the far left and I can't get neither DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 to work for the PC to the far right.