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PfR on two different IOS routers

                  Dear all,

I have two routers with different IOS and I would like to ask if I can use them in order to apply pfr on them.

The first one is 15.0 IOS and the second one 12.4. I'm planning to use the newer one for MC and BR and the older one for BR.

Is this possible? Is there something that I should consider?

Your help will be very much appreciated!


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Rising star
Rising star

There are lots of bugs with the 12.x version of PfR, I would install 15 code on all routers that you are planning to run PfR on.

Also, the commands are different.

For example, instead of specifying 'oer' with 12 code, on 15 code you specify 'pfr'

MC Configuration


key chain PFR

key 1

key-string PFR

pfr master (with 12 code, this would be oer master)

border key-chain PFR

  interface FastEthernet0/0 internal

  interface Serial0/0 external

border key-chain PFR

  interface FastEthernet0/0 internal

  interface Serial0/1 external

etc etc

Just understand the requirement for PfR. You need 2 external interfaces and one internal interface.

So in your example, one router will have two external interfaces and one internal. THe MC will be the other router.

Lei Tian
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


MC and BR need to match on the pfr major version. You can find the pfr version from 'show pfr border' or 'show pfr master'


  Conn Status: RETRY

  OER Netflow Status: ENABLED, PORT: 3949

  Version: 3.3  MC Version: 0.0



Lei Tian

Hi Yiannos,

To my understanding 12.x supports OER and 15.x supports PFR. The commands differ from OER to PFR. Also there are many limitations in OER when compared to PFR.

What is the difference between Performance Routing and Cisco IOS Optimized Edge Routing (OER)?

A. Cisco Performance Routing takes advantage of the vast intelligence embedded in Cisco IOS Software to determine the optimal path based upon network and application policies. Cisco Performance Routing is an evolution of the Cisco IOS OER technology with a much broader scope. OER was originally designed to provide route control on a per destination prefix basis, but Performance Routing has expanded capabilities that facilitate intelligent route control on a per application basis. The expanded capabilities provide additional flexibility and more granular application optimization than OER.

Optimized Edge Routing was first introduced in Cisco IOS Releases 12.3(8)T, and 12.2(33)SRB. Performance Routing is an extension of OER. The leading keyword PfR syntax was introduced in Cisco IOS Release 15.1(2)T.



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