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PPPoA ATM0.1 encapsulation


Hello everyone,

                              I work for a retail firm that has dual DSL connections in all stores. Some are with Vodafone, we had loads of routers that we either couldn’t get the connection to come up or had intermittent connections.

After some research I decided to try aal5snap encapsulation instead all5mux on our ATM0.1 interfaces on a hand full and all that I tried it on had a connection come up and burst into life.

There is one router however that is puzzling me. It was on aal5mux encapsulation , I changed it to aal5snap and the dialer 1 interface came up which was nice to see.

Through the night the connection dropped so I changed the encapsulation back to aal5mux and the dialer 1 interface came back! Then later that day the connection dropped so I thought I’d see what would happen if I changed it back to aal5snap and yet again the connection came up! I asked Vodafone about this and I the bloke on the phone just muttered something about either encapsulation will work! Is this correct? It’s my understanding that encapsulation must be the same at either end. The Vodafone service is automated at their end, could it be that the encapsulation at the Vodafone end keeps changing?

The rest of the routers that I changed have remained stable and the majority are working as expected on aal5mux.

Most of our in store routers are 877 and 887’s.

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what if you use 'aal5auto ?

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