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problem with 2600 router

hi, i have some problem with my cisco 2621 router.

i want to configure my 2621 as a CPE PPPoE client. my device sit behing a cable modem.

when i try to connect, wan interface (ethernet) and DIALER interface are up , but i don't receive dynamically an IP address from my ISP.

i'm figuring out that the problem is ppp authentication but when i use debug ppp authentication and negociation to solve problem, i do not seen anything. debug ppp does not working.

the problem can, be my IOS since i dont see any logging for ppp debugging.

what is problem ? i muist upgrade my IOS ? thank for help

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Re: problem with 2600 router

Try debug "ppp negotiation". If you don't see anything, then check "debug pppoe".


Re: problem with 2600 router

i using debug ppp authentication and

debug ppp negociation command

but i don't see anything

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Re: problem with 2600 router

Then as mentioned above the problem can be on the PPPoE part, that yous can troubleshoot with the appropriate debug and show commands.


Re: problem with 2600 router

i solved my problem, all are up, now my cisco router receive ip address dynamically from my ISP ;

to solved my problem, i have just reboot the cable modem which is before my device

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Re: problem with 2600 router

This happens because PPPoE was still open to the device you where using instead of the router, so it was needed to reinitialize that.

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