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Redundancy connection to Branch, Load Balancing

Hi All

We have centralized all our servers in a Datacenter at our Headquater.

We have 9 Branch offices connected with a dedicated layer 2 fiber optic connection. The Branch Offices have 1812 routers, and in our headquater the fiber optic connection from the branch offices is connected to an 2821 router.

A new  redundancy fiber optic connection to the branch offices has just been installed, and we got a new 2821 router. We are running OSPF in area 0 in our headquater, and OSPF area 1 at our branch offices.

We don't wanna use HSRP at our 2821 routers, beacuse that will only do a simple failover in case the one fiber optic connection should go down. We want to do some load balancing, so the load on the two 2821 routers are even, but if one fiber should go down, all the traffic would go to one 2821 router.

How should i configure that, in a OSPF domain on 2821 routers?

Best Regards, Steffen


if i am not wrong .. ospf itself do the load balance but only with same cost link and i dont think ospf supports unequal load balance. this is only supported in EIGRP so if the cost between the links are different then eigrp. if one link goes down it will automatically switch to another link otherwise load balance will be done in both the protocols

Please rate if correct..!!!


Can you find any Cisco document that confirms that OSPF will do Load Balacing if a route to a destination has equal cost?

if it right that OSPF is doing load balacing on equal cost destination - then I can just manipulate the Cost to be equal manually right?

Best Regards..

hello dear,

i  believe that is loab balancing with eigrp more easeir.


Don't help when I'm running HP as Core switches

dear ,

so you can use ospf with route-map to get load balancing.

i mean here you can let some traffic fo to first link and the other go to the second link using route-map and its subcommands.