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Route map continue statement

Hello everyone, currently learning about route maps and labbed some stuff.

I was wondering if there was something up with my lab (CML2) or if this is normal behavior.

I have EIGRP running between two routers.

one of the router I have a route map set to out on eigrp


I have a deny route map entry with no match statement and just a continue statement. (Should match everything right?)

the next route-map entry is a deny with no match statement. (Again should deny everything right?)

Shouldn't this block everything from going out? I am finding in my lab that it everything ends up getting advertised to the neighbor.


I found this link on my hunt

but this is NOT what I am seeing in my lab.

Hall of Fame Master

Hello @Joebananas ,

can you post the interesting configuration?


My guess is that you tried to use the route-map TEST into a distribute-list command


router eigrp 10

distribute-list route-map TEST out


is this correct ?


By the way, if I correctly remember the continue keyword has been introduced for route-maps applied to BGP, typically BGP neighbors.


Hope to help




Hey there Giuseppe, you are correct, I did use the distribute-list route-map configuration under eigrp, the configuration is below. Is this not the correct way to apply a route map to EIGRP?


router eigrp 1
 distribute-list route-map test out
 eigrp router-id


Route map config:

route-map test permit 10
route-map test deny 20


I am going to try doing this in BGP and see if I see the same behavior.

Thanks for the response by the way!


Update: The continue statement did work in BGP


Hello @Joebananas ,

thanks for providing additional info and feedback

I think the continue command is supported in BGP as your tests have shown, but it is not supported in EIGRP and other routing protocols, as a result of this the first clause of route-map TEST being a permit with no match statement allows all routes to be sent out in EIGRP routing process.


Hope to help



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