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Routing port 80 and 443 out a secondary interface/route

Dan Loring
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Level 1

So I have a remote office connected via an MPLS.  I am adding a broadband connection to this site as well and want all port 80 and 443 traffic routed out the Broabband connection.  The mpls is serial0/0/0( and the broadband is connected to fastethernet0/2(

What routes would I need to configure this?

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You can't do that with pure ip-routing. For that you have to use policy-basrd-routing:

First you have to specify the traffic that should be routed in a specific way:

ip access-list extended WEB-TRAFFIC
  permit tcp any any eq 80
  permit tcp any any eq 443

Then specify the routing in a route-map:

route-map WEB-POLICY permit 10
 match ip address WEB-TRAFFIC
 set ip next-hop

Last, apply the route-map to the interface where the WEB-clients are located:

int vlan X
  description LAN-interface
   ip policy route-map WEB-POLICY


Here are some links to more information on PBR:



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