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Resolved! DNS issue

hello everyone,I'd like to ask some question about DNS issue.Please help me when you get a chance.Thanks in advance.For easy to understand, I just simplified the, the connectivity is from router and switch, I can ping,it works ver...

Simply OSPF NBMA question

Hey!LAB: OSPF over multipoint frame relay (hub and 2 spokers).Neighbors are not coming up.Wireshark capture is showing 1-1 hello packets to and to but that's all.Neighbor command is not shown in the sh run, and the prioriti ...

ADSL connection issues

Hi Guys,One of our clients had a poor ADSL connection and the ISP checked on it and advised us that the ADSL is currently not on ADSL2+ ( which I could verify from the router ) and they changed the connection profile from their end.After the change, ...

881 hangs / advice?

Greetings,i have here an cisco 881 router which has been in service for about 3/4 year now.yesterday the device from one moment to an other stoped workingthe device does not respond on console, it does not boot (or seems to be booting)and is also not...

DDR2200 USB Port

I am using a Cisco DDR2200 Router supplied by Centurylink for home TV and Internet. I have set up and enabled the USB port and installed a thumb drive. The router menu for USB displays correctly the contents of that USB drive I have installed. Everyt...

techcoder by Beginner
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Dear Sir/MadamRecently Google just deployed Google Cach Server (LGC) in my network and peering to reduce traffic and fast respond to end users.but my config seem not work fine, that's why most traffic still go to Internation instead go to Google Cach...

simapiroh by Beginner
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no ip classless utility

            Hii understand the difference between (ip classless) and (no ip classless)     but i wonder is there a senario where we may need the (no ip classless) command !if no so why it exist? why we don't say that in all cases we are (ip classless...

ohassairi by Contributor
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BGP Remove Private-AS

I'm currently labbing a scenario in which I'd like to remove the Private-ASs that are within NLRIs that I'm sending to an EBGP neighbor. The issue is complicated by the fact that within the existing NLRIs, there is a single Public-ASN amongst the pri...

Resolved! Different advertisement of redistributed static routes in OSPF on the same router due to OSPF broadcast network type?

Dear readers, I hope someone can enlighten me on a case  with redistribution of static routes in OSPF. I added a diagram with the partial setup of our network.My company is managing the routers at Site C. Site A and B are of a company which has been ...

jvrooden by Beginner
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MUx to Router connectivity

                Hi,ISP has delivered the MPLS link on the MUX, Now we i am going to extented the cable from mux to cisco Router with the serial interface with RJ48 connector.Please let me know which cable should i use to extend the link Striaght or C...

sathyasav by Beginner
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Resolved! Transport mode and GRE tunnel

Dear Sir/Madam,I understand that using transport mode does not encrypt the IP header, but only the payload. Is that's why it is recommend to incorporate GRE tunnel with transport mode to enhance security? Can you please explain how. Please see url be...

lephuc007 by Beginner
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Phase 2 DMVPN (Spoke to Spoke)

Hi,I am trying to get DMVPN phase 2 working, I have recently decided to change all of our spoke routers default gateway to go over the DMVPN tunnel back to the hub. I have done this to reduce the admin work on firewall rules to the Internet and have ...

Matt Addy by Beginner
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IP MTU issue

Hi everyone,I wanted to ask that when mtu is set to 1400 in GRE path then maximum data size packet allowed is 1376(1400-24).Shouldnt it be 1348(1440-24(gre)-20(IP)-8(icmp)).