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Service Impact during Switchover Process

Hello Dear,

I have a 7606-S router, recently I have faced this is issue.

Issue description:

I will tell you the whole story. At first, our 7606-S router was running with single RSP720 and yesterday we added a another RSP720 to work as standby RSP. The installation have done smoothly and nicely as well. Today at morning time we tried to test the redundancy process so we execute ( redundancy force-switchover ) command. We faced downtime during the switchover process then the service is back normally but the status of some ports change to down while all other ports back to up status normally. Here are the ports details:

1st port is Gi1/7 which has many sub-interfaces. All the configurations are presented at each sub-interface but why the status changer to ( down  line protocol is down ).

2nd port is port-channel 2, the status is changed to  ( up line protocol is down ).

So we confused why this happened ? why is happened only at these two ports ?

Troubleshooting steps: we just plugged out the cable and plugged it in back, then the status is changed to ( up up ) for both ports.

I would like to update the story:

We installed the secondary supervisor successfully. On next day we tried to switchover for secondary supervisor and it was successful, we wait for standby status to be HOT then we switchover again  back to original RSP, once this process is completed we faced this service impact.

Would you please advise.

Thank you for being patient to read my e-mail.



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