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Simple(?) Static Routed Network with Failover

I have 2 sites linked via a 1 Gbit bridge. The Core site is our Datacentre and the DR Site is our Disaster recovery site. We also have 3 remote sites connected via an MeVPN "cloud".

At present the Core site switch (and the remote sites...) has a port attached to the MeVPN set as "no switchport" and an IP address assigned to it - The remote sites routed IF IP's are; and Works a treat.

Now, if I add a second link from the bridged DR site to the MeVPN for fail-over, address it and secondaries for all of the remote site routed IFs in the range, weight all static routes for at 10 and the at 100... Is this a simple fail-over if the Core site drops? Or is it a recipe for disaster?

The network is likely to stay static and since OSPF etc is an eldritch art to me, so static it may well stay.

See diagram. My apologies if this description is rubbish - and I cannot blame my grasp of the English language either!!!

PS. Please note the DR Switch Routed IF address should erad and not 224 as in the diagram! Thanks folks.

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Hi Paul,

It might work, if "cloud" interface directly connected to Core goes down then first static route with AD 10 will be removed from routing table. But if this interface in cloud stays UP/UP and there is some reachability problem in "cloud" itself then it could be a problem to reach remote sites, because the first static route with less AD(10) will be in routing table. And core and remote sites will not be aware of that problem in the "cloud".

So it's better to use IP SLA floating ip route, I think

Note. I don't know how remote sites are connected in the "cloud". I'm just assuming.

Hope it will help.

Best regards,

Best regards,