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Some feedback about KPSI1-ZS2023

Level 1
Level 1

Hello, I am student at Czech university, and i am trying to make your course
KPSI1-ZS2023-PB , Introduction to Networks v7.02 (ITN)

I probably will envounter some problems with it in future so mayby i am gonna give you some feedback now, to get to know you a little, how community help works and so on.

This program packet tracer is really very nice, great option for learning. it have no big flows so far, mayby just a little things to grind - sometimes some exercises lack flexibility , like you cant gave different password to save time or do something in different way, something for example : i spotted also some error so mayby i share with you : when i recently made
exercise, and i made mistake in connecting 4321 router with computer by usb cable instead of connecting it with laptop - there was no way to remove or reinstall that cable - i have to do all exercise again from beginning. Its because author dont gave ability to remove or unplug usb cable, or in any other way modificate it. but its really no problem - i got through it anyway by making it anew .

so far i am soon at beginning of module 3 , and i successfully made all exercises on 100% so far . Keep your fingers crossed for me so i manage to pass your course

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