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Static route issues

Hello I am having issues when creating a static route... Router b has to communicate with router e but the ping fails 


I will attach the file and the route to follow (which as a return route has to be the shorter one)


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Re: Static route issues

Hi @gabrielmonneyguzman ,


To create a specific path for a packet, you just have to indicate on each router the interface through which you want it to go to the destination network.

In your exercise, there was an error in the router E interface, because in the DHCP pool you indicate that the gateway ends in .1 but in the interface you entered the IP .2

I attached the exercise with what was done.


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Re: Static route issues

It did not work, the ping still fails although I changed the address to default network where router is located+mask+routers ip INSTEAD of default network between routers+mask+interface ip 

and still fails


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Re: Static route issues

Hello Gabriel,

you can use the traceroute command to see where the issue is in your network.



if you type traceroute enter you can then specify the traceroute destination and traceroute source address.


Follow the Luis's suggestion if only static routes are used you need to configure them on each router on the end to end path.

This makes use of static routes not scalable.


Hope to help



Re: Static route issues

Still not working. I am getting frustrated hahaha


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Re: Static route issues

Hello Gabriel,

you need to configure static routes to ensure end to end connectivity on both directions including the return path.


Has the router near the destination address a route for the source address ?

You can use traceroute also on the destination router towards the source address.


All of us have gone via this kind of issues when beginning to learn networking.


Hope to help



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