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Hello All,   I have Cisco 4948-10 G switch, and i have created 30 Vlans for my customers. now i want to rate limit the bandwidth on Vlan interfaces. can you please let me know how to do that ?   it is not allowing me to apply the rate-limit command l...

Hi Support,   we are using Cisco 2960 series switches and SonicWall firewall. we configured the LAN gateway in Sonicwall interface as and our subnet mask is today someone in our network assigns a static IP address to Rasberry...

prince.p by Beginner
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Hello Community. During a project we need add new iBGP Routers (N7Ks) to an existing full mesh topology. At the end, the N7K infrastructure replaces the old devices (Cat 6500) but for some time, the full mesh would be quite big. From your experience ...

Joe Bee by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP

We have 2 Internet Edge routers, each with an Internet circuit to the same ISP. We wants the ISP to prefer R1 over R2 for all traffic destined to our public network x.x.0.0/16 and also wants the path through R2 to remain available if R1 fails. We are...

bellah123 by Beginner
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Hello,   In our network we have have a lot of sites over the world. In some of them we use ISP_A, in other we use ISP_B and in few of them both ISPs.   As routing protocol we use EIGRP and we have L3 mpls.   My question is how site_A with ISP_A learn...

Hi,   The scenario is my WAN router is connected with MPLS peering PE router with same AS number and LAN also configured in down steam. So in that case IBGP has been configured with same AS number with IPV4 and VPNv4.   So anyone can describe whats t...

  Hi Networkers,I have a luxury issue. I run to ISP connections at home. 1 - ADSL2+2- FTTH 750mbps I now have the cables running into my 3Com 5500-EI (no poe) version. and im having the idea of just creating 2vlans, on port level.also because im ...

Hello World     We are in a process of migrating few of our client’s applications/servers from US to UK.  They are currently using a public IP subnet/s assigned by ARIN and they want to retain that subnet for their usage in UK.     Just wanted to che...

I've noticed that all branches that have a 2960x switch seem to not be able to download anything from the share back at the main office at speeds more than 100-200k down - seems to keep getting capped.  Uploading from the branch to the File server ba...

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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