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Ali Razavi

T1 Multilink and Fair Queueing

Hi everyone,

When configuring a T1 x 2 multilink interface, do we enable fair queueing on the individual serial interfaces or on the single Multilink1 interface associated with that group? 

I recently had to deploy a WAN link where I enabled fair queueing on the serial interfaces and after a short time, the interfaces simply stopped passing traffic until I disabled the fair queueing and physically reseated the cables. 

I have another link where one serial T1 interface has fair queueing enabled and the other does not, yet they are both defaulting to FIFO with the one configured for WFQ stating (WFQ suspended, using FIFO). 

Thanks in advance

Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame Expert


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This interface fair-queue?  If so, for me, it's been so long since I used that especially with MLPPP; I don't recall.  However, if your devices support CBWFQ, try that on the MLPPP logical interface configured with FQ.