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Trying to Console into AP 2600i using Putty and RJ45 to RJ45 Rollover cable


My device is an access point AIR-CAP2602i-A-K9 and I am using home office/small business setup running on verizon FIOS.

I know this device comes lightweight. i am looking to change to autonomous.  i believe I was able to find the .TAR file online but I do not know if it works yet nor do i know how to open this file.  Is this file the actual file that gets uploaded into the device or is this a program that I need to run.  I am using windows 7.

i am also looking to console into this device but it doesnt seem to let me connect.  I am using putty connecting to Serial and my COM port is COM6 as listed in my device manager.  My COM port is my RJ45 port on my laptop as it does not have a serial port.  i am using a blue cisco "rollover cable" which is RJ45 to RJ45. My device is powered by a power injector which "switch" port is connected to my home internet router and the "AP" port to the ethernet port on the AP.  then of course My ethernet/RJ45 port on my computer to the "Console" port on the AP. I used a net scanner to see its ip address and I was able to find it, 192.168...... etc. My goal is to console into the AP run whatever software and change it to autonomous.

I am not too familiar working with cisco products so i could really use some help!!!  thank you!

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Leo Laohoo
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you'll probably need a serial-to-USB adapter to be able to console to your AP.

the steps that leo gave works most of the time.

here's another useful link in converting AP from lightweight to autonomous:

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