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using the c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.S6 on my lab it was noted, using "debug ip bgp vpnv4 unicast updates" and packet captures that the route reflector reflects back the routes from "client A" back to "client A". This occurs when the BGP session ...

hiI am trying to carry vlan information over wan using proxy-arp concept.. just want help weather it is possible to do so or not.. if Yes than can anyone please help me by giving detail configuration for said network diagram. Also when i create inter...

Apurnevgi by Level 1
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Resolved! BGP Study

Hello, I'm reading up on BGP multihoming . So as a customer I will have 2 different isp's taking a full routing table from both Terminating on 2 different routers running IBGP between them both. I see allot of talk of the dangers of becoming a transi...

jay_7301 by Level 1
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Hi Team, We have two routers R1 and R2.R1 is connected to R2 via point to point link. Behind R1 we have a large networks connected with all runnning EIGRP with process 110. The interface on R1 connecting to R2 is under AS110. Behind R2 wehave large n...

Hi,We're in the process of testing a number of ASR9001 (IOS-XR 5.1.2) that will serve as replacement route-reflectors, however we've been having the hardest time identifying the correct MIB OID values for SNMP monitoring via Nagios.We have downloaded...

Hi all, I am having some trouble finding this, but I am wanting to know if there is a debug commands to find out the BGP Notification Error Codes for OPEN and Message Header (see link below)

I need to replace 2 3750's in a stack of 5.  I will be replacing the remaining 3 3750's later in the year.  Can I add two 3850's to the stack?  If not, what would be the best way to replace the 2 3750's in the stack that would set everything up later...

s.lessard by Level 1
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