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Re: Unknown Protocol Drops incremented frequently on router's Fa


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Did you reduce the shaper's CIR rate?  If so, did the ping tests stop dropping packets and average ping time improve?

If you're  now seeing drops on the interfaces, that's to be expected. Some or all  flows are attempting to use more bandwidth than what's available.  All  TCP stacks (within other limits) will "probe" available bandwidth by  trying to use more and more bandwidth until they see an adverse impact  to their flow (such as a packet drop or drops).

So, drops are often normal part of flow bandwidth.  The only other methods to reduce them would be to, for TCP, shape returning ACKs and/or adjust receiver's RWIN.  (Something that's often done by special bandwidth management appliances.)   Otherwise, you need to increase bandwidth.  However, as long as  transactional traffic is getting the service levels required and bulk  traffic is transferring data within required time windows, you only need  to accept the fact that some packet drops are normal.


Forgot to add, the FQ portion of the provided policy should, more or less, only drop packets from the flows trying to use too much bandwidth.

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