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Hello All,

We are having two router which are connected with two point to point links where one link is with 6 MB and Second one is with 2 MB. now if i do the load balancing than both links are being utilized till 2 MB it means total utlization of the link is 4 MB out 8 MB. Please suggest what need to be configured which can utilize my both the link with the full availble bandwidth.

Note: On my both routers static and Default router has been configured and our MGMT team is not allowing us to use dynamic routing protocol so please accordingly provide the best solution.


Hemant Suthar                           

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Richard Burts
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Hall of Fame Guru

Hemant Suthar 

I suggest this approach for your consideration:

- configure the 6 MB path as the preferred path. (I assume that this is probably already done).

- configure the 2 MB with a floating static so that it can perform as backup in case of problem with primary. (perhaps this is also done already?)

- use Policy Based Routing to identify certain types of traffic and to direct this traffic over the 2 MB path.

This will give you utilization of both paths and does not require any dynamic routing to be done.





HI Richard,

If i do not use PBR than any other solution is available for this? can i make both link in bundle like etherchannel?

Joseph W. Doherty
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Perhaps the "best" solution would be to use OER/PfR (if supported on your router) as it can do unequal cost routing and it can deal work with statics.

The next "best" (easiest) solution might be to define additional secondary IPs on your 6 Mbps link so you can have 3 statics that use it vs. one for the 1 Mbps link, this would route in the same 3:1 bandwidth ratio.

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