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We've implemented new Catalyst 3560 switches and have noticed that the NTP status of the switch is unsynchronized:Cerritos-Dist06B#sh ntp statusClock is unsynchronized, stratum 16, no reference clocknominal freq is 119.2092 Hz, actual freq is 119.209...

cpremo by Beginner
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Dear All,I am trying to setting up a wan on gns3 for testing wan and  training purpose. and wondering if the routers in gns3 support wccp and  PBR protocls , we are a wan optimization company and looking to test  our product in virtual environment. I...

ametto123 by Beginner
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Hi Sir!i have a hub and spoke topology , on hub  interface  is multipoint and spokes are configured on physical interfaces.How to change the next-hope?whithout using "ip ospf network point-to-multipoint" statementRegardskazim

  Is there was a way to search on a route reflector and find all prefixes that were tagged with a certain community? I am finding it a little tedeious to check each prefix with "sho ip bgp vpnv4 all x.x.x.x" and find the extended communities.

debottym2 by Beginner
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                   Dear team,What is the need of lopback internal command, which we will enable under physical interface. in what scenarios we will use that.Thanks in advanceNaveen

Hi!I have two 3925 routers running Version 15.0(1r)M13, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)I have about 10 IPSec tunnelns running to ASA5505 on the remote end, and they are connected to a inside VRF (outside interface is connected to a FVRF)All 10 tunnels have th...

One of our customer upgraded their ADSL bandwidth to 10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload but when we testing it with Exsisitng Cisco 2811 router the download shows only less than 1 Mbps but while the ISP proves it with speedtouch router with 1.80 Mbps...

I have a webserver with a public IP address.  It works perfect from the outside but I cannot get it to connect internally.  If I set it with a local IP and then forward the public IP to the internal IP, it works from the outside and inside both.  But...

Dear Friends,  i have an issue, i got Cisco 1700 Router with IOS: c1700-advsecurityk9-mz.124-15.T11.binThe issue i am facing is :Suddenly , all the Clients using ONLY Outlook can send mails but can't receive the outlook, if u do TEST account,...

mohdkadie by Beginner
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I have a feeling this is an extremely dumb question... But, Im setting up a Cisco 891, Im not at it right now, otherwise I would post the config details, As of now, its running to 1 PC for setup purposes. I can ping Google DNS from the WAN port, but ...

I'm experimenting with VRF's, I'm trying to do NAT from one VRF to another, using a loopback interface. I have one internet VRF (BLUE) and one "local" VRF (RED), and translation has to happen in the RED VRF. I've created a loopback interface which ha...

I am the owner of a small agricultural business but was a CCIE in the far past.  So, when I started my company, it was a good time to try to polish some skills.  Well, it is not like riding a bike but here is my dilemna.  I have a Cisco ASA5505 with ...

Todd Vohs by Beginner
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Dear All,For each host, based on IP address I want to restrict the internet traffic to a certain bandwidth and allow whole available bandwidth to private network. What are the available options for this purpose?- MeroSent from Cisco Technical Support...

Hi all.I am trying to get statistics regarding packet loss using IP SLA UDP-JITTER between 2 Routers.Between the two Routers I have a 256Kbps link (RF modems).The configuration of both Routers is attached.Even I have a bad link quality the show ip sl...

danny4569 by Beginner
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Im trying to use my 2610XM router as my main router in my house. I want to connect it to a computer and to the internet modem as well. Can i do this? It might be a dumb question but im having trouble.Meaning, If i take a crossover cable from the comp...