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why cisco12406's linecard can't be online?

13:50:43: %RP-3-RETRY_DOWNLOAD: Begin attempt to start the linecard in slot 3
13:50:50: %RP-3-ABANDON_DOWNLOAD: End attempt to start the linecard in slot 3
13:50:50: %RP-3-RETRY_DOWNLOAD: Begin attempt to start the linecard in slot 2
13:50:57: %RP-3-ABANDON_DOWNLOAD: End attempt to start the linecard in slot 2
Router(boot)>show diags 2

SLOT 2  (RP/LC 2 ): 4 Port ISE Gigabit Ethernet
  MAIN: type 119,  800-22811-07 rev F0
        Deviation: 0
        HW config: 0x00    SW key: 00-00-00
  PCA:  73-8517-07 rev C0 ver 5
        Design Release 6.0  S/N SAL11509UBZ
  MBUS: Embedded Agent
        Test hist: 0x00    RMA#: 00-00-00    RMA hist: 0x00
  DIAG: Test count: 0x00000000    Test results: 0x00000000
  FRU:  Linecard/Module: 4GE-SFP-LC=
  L3 Engine: 3 - ISE OC48 (2.5 Gbps)
  MBUS Agent Software version 2.68 (RAM) (ROM version is 3.50)
  ROM Monitor version 1.13
  Fabric Downloader version used n/a (ROM version is UNKNOWN)
  Primary clock is CSC 1
  Board State is Waiting to retry download after persistent failures (RTRY WAIT)
  Insertion time: 00:00:16 (13:54:07 ago)

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Cisco Employee

why cisco12406's linecard can't be online?

Hi William,

A LC stuck in Waiting to retry can have multiple causes but it is too difficult and long to properly troubleshoot this here.

Anyway the causes might be:

1- LCs failed (2 of them is pretty rare but can happen) > solution is RMA

2- Backplane issue > solution is replacing the chassis

3- Something between the RP and that slot gets hung up and the RP cannot properly communicate with the LC. It could be a sw issue. i.e. CSCsz12469    LC will not boot after MBUS_SYS-3-NOBUFFER & PRP-3-CHP_DESCQ_FULL error

4- RP problem (rare).

What I would do is (following the order):

- reseat (physically) the cards. Probably you did it already

- try use another slot (if all are busy move other cards to those 2 slots and those cards to those slots. That would verify bullets 2 and 3.

- RP switchover (if redundant RP is present).

- Engage the TAC to troubleshoot from the fabric perspective (too complex here).

Good luck


PS please rate if helpful

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