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Best Practice in case of changing Internet IP address with SD-WAN

DaeHeon Kang



There is office movement where vEdge was running and I expect the IP address on the new Internet line on the new office will be different from the old IP address.

So vEdge device can't be online with controller as it still has the old Internet IP address on the configuration.

The device has been already decommissioned from the old office site and I can't attach it to the old Internet line to push the new template by changing the Internet IP address currently.

In this case, what is the best practice that make the vEdge device online with controller using the new Internet IP address?

Do I need to reset vEdge configuration and put the initial configuration including the new Internet IP address?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Connect it through GE0/0 (assuming it is vE1K or vE2K) as 'ip dhcp client' is on by default.
vEdge will acquire the new IP and control will be established.
Typically, this is how customers stage it while configuring the device.

Sample config.:

vpn 0
interface ge0/0
ip dhcp-client <<<<<
encapsulation ipsec
no allow-service bgp

It's static IP address.

If this is static, it shouldn't matter.

Answering the question for BP (best practice)
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