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Cisco SD-WAN Global Forum : Quick Guide to Design, Deploy, Operate, and Maintain - AMA

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All the knowledge of these four experts at your disposal!

Cisco Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) provides a highly scalable, resilient, and secure network infrastructure. With advanced security features built into the solution, automation, centralized management, and monitoring, Cisco SD-WAN enables you to control your network through a single dashboard, reduce operating costs, and ensure the best possible experience for your users in local applications or on the cloud.

In this event, the experts will help you understand how Cisco SD-WAN is designed and its main benefits.
They will explore everything from the basic solution design, which license to choose, or which router to select, to overall design and deployment best practices. vManage allows you to configure devices, templates, security / control policies and much more... What if, for some reason, vManage fails? We will help you master an understanding of the policy framework and common troubleshooting tools and learn from programmatic methods to create backups in the SD-WAN environment.

This event is for Cisco SD-WAN beginners and advanced professionals.

To participate in this event, please use the reply-button.png button below to ask your questions

Ask questions from Monday, March 8 to Friday, March 19, 2021

Featured experts
Photo_glyra_100x140.pngGuilherme Lyra is a Solutions Architect focused on the Enterprise Networking area. With more than 14 years of experience in networking and security technologies, he has designed and led the implementation of projects with national and global extension for companies in segments such as retail, manufacturing, utilities, and government agencies. Guilherme has also conducted training on Software-Defined Networks and WAN optimization. He holds Cisco CCNP, Cisco CCDP, Juniper JNCIA, and Meraki CMNA certifications.

Photo_dablais_100x140.pngDanny Blais joined Cisco in 2000 in the role of Lab Administrator. In 2004, he moved to RTP, North Carolina for one year to be part of an incubator program leading him to a Systems Architect role. He is currently based out of Montréal and supports a major enterprise account in the Québec province. Danny has a college degree in computer science with a networking specialty. He has specialized in many Cisco technologies over the years, from Unified Communications to Data Center and now for the last couple of years Cisco SD-WAN. He holds multiple Cisco certifications: CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, and CMNA.

Photo_ossalaza_100x140.pngOsvaldo Salazar Tovar is currently in the role of Solutions Architect for Cisco SD-WAN technology for Latin America. He works with the partner ecosystem to deliver new approaches to simplify and optimize their WAN environments to end customers from different verticals, using the Cisco portfolio as a digital transformation platform. Osvaldo graduated from ITESM, and has several certifications such as CCNP R&S, DevNet Associate, and SD-WAN Specialist.

Thomas Matzeu graduated from the French University of Evry. He began as a Deployment Engineer in France, specializing in routing, switching, and security. Thomas joined Cisco in September 2018 as a Pre-Sales Engineer in the Global Virtual Engineering team and focuses on Enterprise Networking technologies such as SD-Access and SD-WAN in Europe.
Guilherme, Danny, Osvaldo and Thomas might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. For more information, visit the Networking Discussions category.
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I would like to know the differences between (pros and cons) the virtual images for SDWAN: vEdgeCloud, CSR1000V and Cat8000v.
What are the best practices for these types of deployments, performances, and avavilability in Cloud Services Providers (AWS, AZR, GCP).
Many Thanks
Andres Castagna

Hello Andres,
The vEdge Cloud is based on Viptela OS, while the CSR1000v and Catalyst 8000v are running IOS-XE.
Actually, the Catalyst 8000v is an evolution of the CSR1000v and starting from release 17.4, only the Catalyst 8000v will be available.
How to choose between them? If your current architecture is built on vEdge devices, the vEdge Cloud is probably the best option.
In case of green field deployment, the Catalyst 8000v could offer more services.

The Catalyst 8000v is available on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
The vEdge Cloud can be found in Azure and AWS marketplace.

Below the link to the Catalyst 8000v Configuration Guides where you can see some deployment examples:

Jackson Braddock


I understand that the Controller UI can be used immediately. What would be the next steps for a more detailed configuration?