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Cisco vManage GUI not working


I'm working on a SD-WAN lab on EVE-NG vm and I'm trying to access vManage GUI but it keeps saying "this site can't be reached". It worked before but now it just can't. The request nms all status shows that application server is running. I'm working on a 16gb ram PC, 12gb are allocated to the vm, and 8gb for vManage. Can you help me figure out where the problem is please? 

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Adrian Jimenez
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hey madz123,

These are complicated issues to figure out given that many components come to play for services to come up online and operate as expected but you can do this to have a better idea of what the problem might be:

  1. In vManage CLI: #request nms all restart
  2. Now get into vshell mode: #vshell
  3. On vshell mode: $ tail -f /var/log/nms/vmanage-server.log
  4. Try to track any error message or something that looks obvious regarding application services
  5. If you can log the session, upload it to review it as well.

You may want to have 2 CLI sessions opened one where you can run a "request nms all status" to check if services are coming up and the other one with the tail -f command.

Hope this helps!


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