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Deployment vEdge cloud to Azure in redundant mode

Hello, I would like to deploy vEdge cloude router directly to VNET in Azure. That's not something special and there is good artitle how to do it, but I was not bale to find any way how to deploy pair of routers to have redundancy! With one vEdge router, you are able to connect it to overlay with no problem and to direct requried subnets to be routed to SD-WAN world by UDRs in azure. Problem is that for UDR (user defined route) you are able to set just one IP address and next HOP. There is no possibility to set two gateways for one subnet to have ECMP. Also multicast is disabled in AZURE so VRRP is not solution. Is there some standard way how to deploy HA solution for SD-WAN routers in cloud? I do not want to use Azure VPN gateways as this it not stable and good solution (already tested with not sufficient results), but have our virtula datacenter in Azure connected by SD-WAN routers. Thank you for advices.

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Re: Deployment vEdge cloud to Azure in redundant mode


The way to achieve high availability is to use our Cloud onRamp for IaaS solution. It makes use of gateway VNET and redundant IPSec+BGP connections to the actual host VNET. It’s all highly automated. Check out documentation page for it.

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Re: Deployment vEdge cloud to Azure in redundant mode

Hi David, 


Thank you for your reply. I was checking CloudOnRamp possibity but it's still using nature VPN gateways in Azure and this are very unstable and you can't control them (BFD is also not supported for standar connection just for Express route). It's more black box which is getting reloaded wiouthout any notification almost every week. 


There is no other way to use just pair of vEdges to get proper redundant nature of connection to our virtual datacenter in Azure? 


Thank you. 

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Re: Deployment vEdge cloud to Azure in redundant mode

We had similar problem in our environment. We have resolve this by installing Azure internal load balancer in front of vEdges. We are using internal load balancer for all outgoing traffic. All outgoing traffic hit load balancer front end IP first and then it is sent to vEdges. Backend pool got 2 vEdge devices. You can Health probes on port 443 to check health of the vEdges.