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StealthWatch Default Password Can not Change on GUI: Error Recieved



I have been trying to install Stealthwatch Management Console, VCE2000 with high end specs (Better than the one suggested). The installation goes through just fine, yet when I login to GUI for the first time using lan411cope password it takes me to change the default password. 

When I Provide current password and the new password, next to New password the error comes in as 

Must not be changed until 0 day(s) after the last change.


and the installation wizard does not take me to the next step.


I had similar issue when I was installing FlowCollector with FCNFVE but since i have changed to FCNFVE2000 the error does not come up on Flow Collector. 



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Cristian Matei
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni



    There have been several such bugs. Try to reset the password from CLI, connect as root and:


systemctl stop lcorchestrate.service

systemctl stop lc-tomcat.service

rm -rf /lancope/var/database/dbs/hsqldb/admin admin.*

systemctl start lcorchestrate.service

systemctl start lc-tomcat.service



Cristian Matei.

Thank you for a quick response, 


lcorchestrate.service not foundlcorchestrate.service not found

Though i have updated other commands to see if there is a difference but on GUI i am not able to login with lan411cope


Use the date -s "new date" set put the appliance to 1 day later then you can do the changes.

Level 1
Level 1

1. Log in to the appliance console as root.
2. Type rm /lancope/var/smc/config/users/admin/user.xml Press Enter.
3. Type docker restart smc Press Enter.
4. Type docker restart nginx Press Enter.
This will reset admin password to the default value.


after that:

1. Log in to the SMC as admin.
l        URL: https://<IPAddress>
l        Login: admin
l        Default Password: lan411cope
2. Click the Global Settings icon. Select User Management.
3. Locate the admin user in the list.
4. Click the Actions menu. Select Change Password.
5. Follow the on-screen prompts to change the admin password. Use the following

l        Length: 8 to 256 characters
l        Change: Make sure the new password is different from the default password
         by at least 4 characters.