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pxGrid @ DevNet

Welcome to the Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) Developer experience on Cisco DevNet. Our portal provides you help on how to integrate your product into the Cisco ISE Ecosystem using pxGrid. Here you will find developer resources like how-to-guides, integration guides, SDK libraries, sample code and more to help you expand your products reach by synergizing with Cisco ISE.

Cisco pxGrid provides a unified framework that enables partners like you to integrate into the 'grid' once and then share context bidirectionally with many platforms. This is done without the need for you to adopt other platform-specific APIs. This is especially helpful when you have to integrate with numerous systems.

pxGrid permits sharing ISE information with other technologies as well as leveraging ISE as a security enforcement tool. For example, a SIEM can add context to identified devices (aka turn a IP address into user John Doe using device iPhone 6) as well as its location ( port 10 of switch123 or Access Point 458). The SIEM admin can also choose take corrective action based on an security event by signaling ISE to quarantine user John from the network if there is a risk for example.


The Cisco pxGrid team